USW Local 12 Workers' Compensation

As a continuing effort to inform everyone of the Guidelines of Workers' Compensation (work related injuries or illness), the following must be adhered to:

An accident report must be filed before you are allowed to see the Company Physician for treatment.

After reasonable treatment and your condition has not improved, you may request to select from a panel of specialists for continuing treatment.  This can be accomplished through your request to the Company Physician or to the on site Workers' Compensation Representative (office located next to plant hospital).  Your choice of doctor will become your attending physician for remaining treatment/recovery period.

To receive a W/Comp benefit check in a timely manner, you must complete the front portion of a S&A Yellow form and have your W/Comp physician complete the back portion and return it to the plant W/Comp Representative for processing.

Just a few reminders for all that are not aware:

  • In most cases there will be a Workers' Compensation settlement.  See the Local 12  Workers' Compensation Representative for details.
  • You cannot go to a specialist without prior approval by the Workers' Compensation Representative and remain under W/Comp guidelines.
  • You must follow the recommendations of your attending physician while on leave.  Do not perform any work without your doctor's approval.
  • The company may and will monitor your status while you are on leave of absence.
  • You are not allowed to use the doctors at the Goodyear Medical Clinic for treatment for Workers' Compensation injuries/illnesses.
  • W/Comp is a State Law, not a negotiated benefit.  All guidelines are established by State Law.
     Alabama Dept. of Industrial Relations - Workers' Compensation Division
  • Contact Rick Clifton at Local 12-L, USWA for any unanswered questions, or assistance needed while on leave of absence due to W/Comp injury at (256)546-4633.

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